Chromecast Setup for Smart DNS Proxy

Chromecast as default set to use Google' own DNS servers. So even if you setup Smart DNS Proxy on your router, Chromecast will force to use it's own google DNS and our service will not work.

In order to use Chromecast with Smart DNS Proxy there are 2 options:

1. Route Google DNS queries to Smart DNS Proxy DNS which is set on your router with Static IP routing capability on your router. (recommended)

Router setup idea is the same with every router as long as it supports static Ip routing function. You can find some router setup instructions below:

Netgear Router DNS Setup for Chromecast

2Scripting your router to route Google DNS queries to Smart DNS Proxy DNS. But only very few routers on the market supports this functionality. (may not work properly with every network)

Please find DD-WRT router setup instructions here:

UPDATE : Chromecast updated the firmware 19084 and it's not causing issues for some of our users with Netflix streaming. This issue is totally related to the Chromecast new firmware. You may try to do factory reset for resolution, but it's not guaranteed.

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